We released Planetarium VR for Daydream.

The app was released three months ago but we would like to introduce the Planetarium VR for Daydream.



Official Site

In this part, we would like to introduce the struggle during the process of making this app.

We’ve already written in the previous blog written in Japanese about the development AR and VR since 2014.

The target phone of Daydream should be more advance than that of Cardboard so we expect to develop richer content.
For example, observing the starry sky at the metropolis or observing the starry sky with Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis.

Eventually we came to the conclusion that developing richer content isn’t feasible yet because of its mobile spec, so this brainchild is still a dream. we just made two backgounds in replace of our former original plan.

Comparing the Cardboard’s background and Daydream’s background, the cardboard version is more simple while the graphics of the other one is more real life-like, and you can easily be more immersed into the virtual reality.



In addition, Daydream View can use a controller and it also supports the Users Interface. You can also instinctively input rather than the Cardboard.

Therefore we would like to introduce a brief introduction of our Planetarium VR for Daydream.

For details of the Planetarium VR, visit our Official Site.



Experience the virtual reality of a starry sky using this app with the Daydream View Headset.


  • More than 3000 stellars are displayed
  • It can display all the stars and constellations in both Northern and Southern Hemisphere
  • Display 88 kinds of constellations
  • Display the main planets of the solar system
  • Display the different phases of the moon

When you click the application button The following optional features can be used.

  • Viewing position setting
  • Change background
  • Diurnal motion
  • Switching solar system planet display


Next application

The next application that we are going to produce will be a Standalone Daydream.

Thank you for showing your interest with this application, we are more than happy to provide you with a better experience with virtual reality. Please feel free to share what you think and give us a feedback.