Wear Daydream View and watch the starry sky.

Planetarium Download

Experience the virtual reality of a starry sky using this app with the Daydream View Headset.


  • More than 3000 stellars are displayed.
  • It can display all the stars and constellations in both Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
  • Display 88 kinds of constellations.
  • Display the main planets of the solar system.
  • Display the different phases of the moon.


Change background

You can change to three different backgrounds.

Uyuni salt lake
Mountain range of evening scenery

Viewing position setting

You can see the stars from the major cities of the world.

Diurnal motion

You can advance/return at 15 seconds interval from the set time.
You can observe the trail of the moving stars.

Switch information window

To switch the information window that shows longitude, latitude and time to display mode or hide mode.

Switch Solar System Planet display

To switch some planets to display mode or hide mode.


It has released a version 1.0.6
It has released a version 1.0.5
It has released a version 1.0.0


Feedback and feature requests on the planetarium VR, please let us know.

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